Trademark Truck Lines | DOT #: 01740272 / MC #833974

Strength & Service

Trademark Truck Lines was started in 2008, just before the downfall of the economy. Due to our dedication to our clients and great customer service, we made it through the downturn to succeed as one of the most well versed trucking companies in South Georgia. In a fast paced environment, catering to our customer’s needs is the driving force behind our constant growth.

What We Haul

Intermodal, Dirt, Sand, Rock, Scrap Metal, Recycled Goods, & Special Requests/Projects, Recycled Goods (Paper/Plastics/Lime), Scrap Metal, etc.

Equipment Available

Dump Trailers, Tandem Dump Trucks, Walking Axle Trailer, Belt Trailer, Live Floor/Walking Floor Trailers

We offer short end-dump trailers in order to better maneuver on smaller jobsites, but will still carry the pay load. Saving our customer money by moving more volume to a jobsite than a traditional tandem dump truck with less trips.

Longer end-dump trailers are available for moving material on highways and interstates legally when materials cannot be sourced locally. 

Belt trailers and live floor/walking floors trailers are excellent for moving lighter materials suchs as single stream recycling and automotive fluff. Also handy when dumping materials in warehouses where height is restricted.

Tandem dump trucks for the small job sites that the tractor trailers just cannot reach. 


Coverage Area

We cover the Southeast U.S.: mainly South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.


Employment Benefits

Health Insurance
Life Insurance
W2 – Direct Deposit
Reduced down time due to in-house maintenance and repairs
Steady work and competitive pay

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